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Car Repair Ayr

Car Repair Specialists in Ayr

If you’re looking for an independent garage for Car Repair Ayr, contact RepAyr My Car today.

Situated on New Road, Ayr South, RepAyr My Car has been helping clients with all their car repair and maintenance needs since 2016. So whether it’s a flat battery, a noisy exhaust or your air con needs recharging, get in touch with one of our specialist technicians who will be happy to help.


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We can all understand when there is a mechanical issue with our car, but how about an electrical one? Do you understand all the warning lights? Not many people do.

And with car software evolving so much, you need a garage that have expert electricians not just expert mechanics. At RepAyr My Car we are experts in diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults using our proven 15 step process to get to the root cause of the issue. We don’t guess. We don’t replace unnecessary parts.

To check your car diagnostics Ayr today, contact one of our team who will be happy to help.


diagnostics car repair ayr


Brakes that work properly are essential for road safety and control. With even the slightest wear to your brake pads and/or disc, you will notice the difference in stopping distance and this will only continue to worsen if you do not change the brake pads and discs on a regular basis.

If you feel like your brakes are not as responsive as before, or they are making any kind of noise when you use them, you need to have them checked immediately, for your own and others safety.

RepAyr My Car can deal with all your braking needs. For brakes in Ayr, call us today.

brakes car repair ayr


Your vehicle suspension system is not only key to ensuring a smooth ride, it also protects the integrity of other parts should you hit bumps or unavoidable potholes. Maybe we take the ride of modern cars for granted, but it’s crucial to maintain and repair the suspension system to ensure your car continues to ride as the manufacturer intended.

If you have noticed a change to the handling of your vehicle, we recommend you have a suspension check to make sure no further damage is caused.

Suspension issues Ayr? Contact us where one of our team will be more than happy to help.

suspension car repair ayr

Book in for your car repair in Ayr

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.


The only time we really know about the state of our car battery is, unfortunately, when it won’t start. Something most of us have suffered from during our driving careers and it normally happens at the most inconvenient of times.

Completing a battery check is something we do regularly at RepAyr My Car. Our technicians only use the right spec, premium batteries, that are designed to allow all the functions of your vehicle to operate, as well as offer you a guarantee and peace of mind.

To have a battery check Ayr, please call to book in with one of the team.

batteries car repair ayr


Guessing you don’t spend too much time wondering how your clutch feels when you are driving around? Would you notice a change in the biting point? Hearing a grinding noise when you change gear? Or that smell that comes from a burning clutch?

All of these indicate that you have an issue with your clutch, and it’s better for you to get it looked at promptly – particularly if a clutch or gearbox replacement can be avoided! So don’t leave it if you notice any of the above, or it just doesn’t seem right. Better safe than out of pocket.

Problems with your gearbox or clutch in Ayr? Contact our local team. We’re here to help!

clutches car repair ayr


A rattling, spluttering or noisy exhaust can really impact the driving experience of your vehicle. What’s more, if it’s emitting more nasty gases than permitted then it will fail it’s MOT. 

Exhaust issues are one of the most common problems we see at our garage in Ayr. Our team work on hundreds every year so we have the knowledge and experience to help get your car back to a comfortable, quieter ride and within permitted emission levels.

For expert advice for exhausts Ayr, contact our team today.

Book in for your car repair in Ayr

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.

Air Conditioning

Not only does your air conditioning keep you comfortable whilst driving, it also plays a significant role in the heating and ventilation processes for your whole car.

Acting as a dehumidifier to de-mist your windscreen, a properly functioning air conditioning system is essential all year round.

We recommend servicing your air con system every year, to not only keep you and your passengers comfortable.

To arrange a service for your air conditioning Ayr, call us today.


DPF - Diesel Particulate Filtering

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a little known filter that makes sure your car passes the strict emission controls. If the DPF is faulty, your car could fail it’s MOT. 

If your DPF isn’t working properly, you may notice thick smoke coming from your exhaust. The DPF will also trigger an Engine Management warning light on your dashboard. So if you notice either of these, contact us for an appointment.

Smoke coming out of your exhaust? Book with us today to check your Diesel Particulate Filter Ayr and save yourself repairs costs and possible fines.


We all understand how important lighting on your car is, it’s critical to the safety of yourself and others around you. Plus, you can be fined under UK law if your lights are not working properly. For the cost of lighting repairs, the fine really isn’t worth it.

If you need help with checking faults or just changing bulbs, we are here to help.

Contact us for all your vehicle Lighting Repairs Ayr.

lighting car repair ayr

Book in for your car repair in Ayr

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.

Light Commercial Servicing and Repairs

At RepAyr My Car, we understand the importance of having your commercial vehicle on the road and ready for work. Which is why, here at RepAyr My Car, we offer a comprehensive light commercial vehicle service, getting you back to work as soon as possible.

Don’t leave it until there is a problem. Keep on top of servicing and maintenance and extend the life of your van. Allowing you to continue running your business.

To book in for Van Servicing Ayr, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

light commercial car repair ayr


ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This is the group of systems that  control a number of safety functions on your vehicle, designed to improve the safety of everyone in and around the vehicle. ADAS is there to try and help catch the mistakes we make as drivers.

A faulty ADAS can dramatically increase chances of an accident, especially if we have become a little reliant on the technology. It is really important that if you feel there may be a problem with your ADAS, that you get it checked straight away. At our garage, we have the expertise and technology to check for faults on your system and make any remedial repairs.

Don’t risk an accident. For an ADAS check Ayr, book in today.

adas car repair ayr

Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

You do not need to go to a main dealer for servicing and repairs to your electric car; however, you do need to find a garage that has the expertise to complete the work required. A lot of garages are still catching up with the increase in electric/hybrid cars and limiting client choices for repairs and servicing needs. Here at RepAyr My Car, we are fully trained, equipped and able to tend to your electric/hybrid vehicle.

Leading technology and an expert team of technicians are here to help.

To book your Electric Vehicle Service Ayr, contact us today and one of our team will be happy to help.

electric car repair ayr

Customer Feedback


    7th May 2024

    The best company in Ayr to service, repair and mot your vehicle at reasonable cost and of the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

  • Hazel Hamilton

    17th April 2024

    Excellent all round, again.

  • Cat Millar

    27th February 2024

    Recently had my car serviced here. Highly recommend as staff were polite, courteous and kept me informed on price etc throughout. Over all was completely satisfied.

  • Tom White

    23rd February 2024

    Repayr My Car carried out a service on my Volkswagen Arteon Yesterday and the workmanship and experience was first class.
    Ross called me while my car was with him to discuss a few possible issues, and after a chat he was completely honest in pointing out what work was required straight away and what should be monitored over the next 6 months. I will definitely be back.

  • Kerri Mcilwraith

    19th February 2024

    MOT with quite a bit of work required. Ross kept me updated on progress and process made so easy by being able to see what needed done and approve online as well as being able to collect my keys outwith opening times which made life alot easier! Not the first time I've used this garage and I'll use it again in future. Always lovely and friendly to speak to as well. Can't fault them.

  • Jen McKevitt

    19th February 2024

    Ross pulled out all the stops to get my car through its MOT so I could travel South. He and his team are excellent, really know what they are doing and trustworthy. Will definitely be back!

  • Alex Allan

    15th February 2024

    Good job happy with the standard of work good overall very pleased with my experience will certainly use your services again or recommend to a friend

  • Christopher Ravensdale

    17th January 2024

    Had a full Service and mot, excellent service as always from Ross and the team, thankyou 😀

  • Keith Richmond

    12th January 2024

    Highly recommend. Car well looked after.


  • Colin Mcilveen

    4th January 2024

    Once again first class service. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Steven Douglas

    27th December 2023

    I have used this garage for many years I wouldn’t go anywhere else!Great service and work done at a great price,first class service all round.

  • anna hegarty

    25th October 2023

    Friendly, professional, efficient ,prompt and excellent value .Shall most certainly use again .

  • Lorna Cameron

    24th October 2023

    Always a great service and very helpful

  • colin fraser

    20th October 2023

    What a fantastic first experience getting my car serviced today. Ross and the guys couldn’t have been more helpful. Having always gone to dealers for all my services, I’ll never go back. Not just from a cost perspective but the customer service and not having to have my car in “all day”. This is 100% my go to garage going forward. Thanks guys.

  • Roy Hutchison

    20th October 2023

    Very helpful and solve all the issues with my car.

  • David Johnston

    30th August 2023

    Fantastic service from Ross and his team. Our car suffered catastrophic engine failure and Ross was able to analyse the problem and get the car roadworthy again. We were given a courtesy car for the duration of the repair and kept informed of progress. Ross is professional, knowledgeable, patient and pleasant . I would thoroughly recommend RepAyr and would definitely use the garage in the... Read More

  • David Grant

    28th August 2023

    An excellent garage, very friendly service and reasonable prices! And, most importantly, I feel I can trust them 👍

  • Synth 41

    28th August 2023

    Friendly staff and helpful service
    Prompt and polite
    Will be back in future
    Thanks S C

  • Andrew Wyllie

    24th August 2023

    Good service and honest opinion, my go to place with a Mercedes.

  • Steven Robertson

    24th August 2023

    Brilliant service, would definitely recommend, was given a car whilst our car was being repaired which is a big help. Will be definitely using again for services/MOT now as this is the second time I’ve used REPAYRmycar.
    Thanks Ross and the lads excellent service.

  • Jennifer Graham

    28th November 2022

    Had my MOT and service done here and would highly recommend

  • Hazel Hamilton

    11th November 2022

    Annual car MOT done today (Nov '22). Superb service from a local independant garage who I've recommemded to many of my friends.

  • Mrs H

    10th November 2022

    Start to finish, I would thoroughly recommend this friendly and efficient company.

  • campbell fisher

    7th November 2022

    Major service good price definitely use the again

  • Nathan Kennedy

    4th November 2022


    3rd November 2022

    Full service of Mr car .

    It was indeed a nice experience at Repayr. Ross is a nice person and offers honest and excellent service. My gearbox is now working well after the service. Good price for the service rendered.
    Generally my vehicle is now back on the road and very healthy. Thanks Ross

    Date of experience September 22. 2022

  • Paul Cooke

    26th September 2022

    They quickly tested the battery and found it was gubbed. Sourced a new one and replaced it within an hour and a half. Car is running great now. Recommended.

  • Taylor Geddes

    6th September 2022

    Really nice garage. Not being very knowledgeable about cars, I am always worried about garage's duping me or overcharging, the staff here were very friendly and never did anything that made me feel uneasy or ignorent. The price was really reasonable and being able to pay in installments was such a huge help financially. I'll be going back here for any future work.

  • Dave Gillett

    29th August 2022

    The clutch slave cylinder failed on our car whilst we were on holiday. Repayr my car were able to fix it and have us back on the road within 24hrs. They were friendly and helpful which we really appreciated.

  • Travis Blackley

    18th August 2022

    First impression when I phoned Ross he was very happy to help and was able to see me within a hour of phoning him customer service 10/10

    I am currently on holiday and got about 10 minutes away from Craig Tara and my exhaust fell off I phoned around about 8 garages most who picked up couldn’t see me till next week ross initially never answered but 10 minutes later phoned me back I... Read More

  • glen mayhew

    16th May 2022

    Amazing service. I turned up without an appointment 450 miles from home and the guys were so friendly and helpful, despite being stacked out with work they ordered the parts and did some major repairs and basically saved our holiday. We are so grateful. They were so friendly and professional, i am humbled by the experience because i didnt think you could get this kind of help in this day and... Read More

Book in for your car repair in Ayr

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.